fadeTo() method in jQuery

fadeTo() in jQuery

fadeTo() method is used to change the opacity of the specified elements.

When using this method the elements opacity or transparency will be changed.


$(selector).fadeTo(duration, opacity[, easing][, complete])

  • duration
    • Default value is 400.
    • number - Integer values are given in milliseconds.
    • slow - It specifies 600 milliseconds.
    • fast - It specifies 200 milliseconds.
  • opacity - It indicate the target opacity, its value is 0 to 1.
  • easing - It is optional, it specifies speed at which the animation progresses.It can have two values.
    • swing - It is a default value, animation progresses irregular way.
    • linear - it specifies animation progresses at a constant pace.
  • complete - It indicate a function, and it will be executed after the element animation complete.

Example 1 - Fadeto 0.1 opacity within 100ms

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Example 2 - fadeTo() with complete function

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Example 3 - calling complete function using function name

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Example 4 - fadeTo() using easing(linear) value

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