HTML font tag

<font> tag in HTML

The <font> tag is used to define the text size, color, font style .

It may still work in some browsers, but anytime browser support may be stopped, so don't use this <font> tag.

attribute in <font> tag

color attribute in <font> tag

The color attribute is used to change the color of the given text.

We can give the color value as color name or in hexadecimal value(#FF00FF).


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size attribute in <font> tag

The size attribute is used to change the size of the given text.

The size value range from 1 to 7, 1 is the smallest value and 7 is the biggest value.

Default size value is 3.


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face attribute in <font> tag

The face attribute is used to change the font for the given text.

This attribute can contain more than one font name separated by comas. If the first font doesn't support the next one will be taken, if not the next one similarly it goes on.

If font given is not presented in the local system, the browser uses the defaults font of the system.


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Example - All attribute in single <font> tag

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