HTML Create and Run

Creating an HTML file

No special softwares are needed for creating HTML files, you can use any text editor, but we recommend to use Notepad++ in windows.

Usage of Notepad++

  • It supports many programming languages.
  • Very easy to manage multiple files in a single window.
  • It support syntax highlighting and many more features.

Create first html program

First open the editor, select File -> New.

Open Notepad++

Now type the following html program.

Enter HTML program in Notepad++


Try Yourself

Saving an HTML file

After typing the above program just press ctrl + s (windows) or ΓΏ + s (Mac), now a Save As dialog box appears and asks the file name, you just enter your file name with the extension(.html). Here we have saved the file as new.html

Open Notepad++

Execute an HTML file

To execute the saved new.html file just double click on the file, a web page will open in the systems default browser.

double click to execute the html file
html file output